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Aspiring Writer

One of the goals that I would like to achieve in my life is to write a book.  I have not thought of whether it would be a Fiction, something Technical or an autobiography. Leave alone writing I have been not much into reading as well.  But my instincts do say that one day I will surely fulfill this dream of mine. I am not sure about the future of novels or books in coming few years owing to the way in which technology is changing and how internet, communication and mobile is changing every minute. My first thought in this direction is to start reading books. I came across this important link with  mention of some 75 must read books for aspiring writers which I felt I could share with. Some really nice books mentioned out here a very large list though with the rate at which I read I am not sure I would be able to complete reading them all before I could start writing my self. A few of the examples listed out there: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King: The Best Writ

Entrepreneur by Accident

I accidently came across a few articles( Bread King Professor , An entrepreneur by accident ) about some successful entrepreneur via links shared through Twitter . Reading through the articles you tend to remain amazed how these people were successful in their business and were able to set up an empire. Last year during the slow down a lot of us would have thought of an own venture of opening a small business a few might have tried starting and a very few might now be chuckling in success but if you try to look into the history of these entrepreneur you would note how they did not mind to start it with a very small scale. People at our level who are in their mid 30’s have already reached a spot where returning back and starting up afresh is considered cheap.  Its not those Birla’s , Tata’s and Ambani’s that we have to choose our role models but these Entrepreneur by accident who did not succumb to all odds and wrote their own success stories. Although the sequences of events when rea

On the wrong side of the Cage…

Had a very weird dream last night which I would like to share… It started with me and a bunch of people scrambling through some rugged mountain terrain and just as we were nearing the foot hills we come to know that there is a zoo. Curiously and cautiously I rush through to reach a barbed fence like thing and try to peek to see if get to see some glimpse of any wild animal just when I hear a roar behind me. I turn around only to see a lion standing a few meters away from me when I realize I have been in the wrong side of the barbed wire along with the lion all the way and was expecting it to be at the other side. I try to run and climb some structure to avoid the grasp of the lion just then my phone rings (Actually my morning Alarm) I wake up sweating in the air conditioned room… Cant figure out what exactly this means but being a person who believes in sign I want to think this is some indication of things to come..

Online Document sharing

Technorati Tags: box , scribd , google , zoho , windows live , online document sharing , collaboration A few useful online document management sites which I personally find very useful 1. ( ) This is a cool online utility with a lot of features that not only allow you to upload and share a lot of documents but also is integrated with gmail, twitter, linkedin etc., also allows you to convert the files to pdf versions, allows to send fax and convert the text to speech if you have ispeech account. 2. Scribd ( ) Scribd is one more famous utility of which most of us already know. Scribd allows sharing of documents online. 3. Google Docs ( ) I would consider google doc as the pioneer at least for me for it was google docs with which i started sharing documents in the beginning. Google docs did some active changes in the beginning but somehow has lost its luster now.. 4. Zoho Docs ( ) Zoho write