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Balls of Steel

There is lot of commotion and people have been put to some awkward situation following the announcement from our Honorable Prime Minister Modi last week regarding the demonitizing of 1000 Rs and 500 Rs notes. I have been hearing about the sudden disruption and discomfort caused to the unsuspecting law abiding citizens. Unfortunately I cannot give the first hand experience being an expat working out of India , however I have been talking with relatives , friends and colleague in India about the situation and if at all they are facing any serious issues. Most of them reported that there are some minor issues however nothing that cannot be handled. I am sure this might not be the case with everyone as situations vary with people and location. There are a variety of reactions from people Some laud the PMs strong action however also accepting that it could be more streamlined. Some feel this is a bad move and could cause more issues than benefits. Some are totally against it and ha