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A Distant Dream

A lot of things in the life just seems like a Distant Dream. With little hope and knowledge on how we are going to achieve those we still keep running towards it. Not all are born with a silver spoon and only a few manage to earn one. " I just ponder over my past to figure out my future " - vtrravikumar (wow cant believe I wrote my first very own saying) Life has not been kind to me as to the 99% percent of the rest of the world , so it doesn't seem as I been the few who has been cheated but at times I do feel bad that I could have been the remaining 1%. Have your felt being in a situation where you have not planned your future, your present seems grim and Past worth forgetting , I ask this because I often feel that and considering my self a part of the majority I am sure a lot of us must be feeling the same. Although an average from my start but never have I let this bother me. But have been no lesser sad when I lost something. So Whilst I ponder over my past to figure

Twitter Verified Account ?

Recently while twittering I had a response from @gulpanag 's for one of my tweet. I was really overjoyed but also this let my imagination to run wild as I was not certain whether it is the actual celebrity or someone else. I checked her twitter profile immedietly ... Wherein I saw this message saying "Twitter verified account". So what does this sign mean to a normal person like me .... It means that the person I am following is the really celebrity himself/herself and not an impersonator... Doesnt that gives a great relief especially when there is a response from the celebrity to you... Follow me @vtrravikumar

Definitions of IT Job Designation

1. Project Manager is a Person who thinks nine Women can deliver a baby in One month. 2. Developer is a Person who thinks it will take 18 months to deliver a Baby. 3. Onsite Coordinator is one who thinks single Woman can deliver nine babies in one month. 4. Client is the one who doesn’t know why he wants a baby. 5. Marketing Manager is a person who thinks he can deliver a baby even if no man and woman are available. 6. Resource Optimization Team thinks they don’t Need a man or woman; They’ll produce a child with zero resources. 7. Documentation Team thinks they don’t care whether the child is delivered, they’ll just document 9 months. 8. Quality Auditor is the person who is never happy with the PROCESS to produce a baby. 9. Tester is a person who always tells his wife that this is not the Right baby.

VSS - Very Short Stories

6 Words to represent a story... 1. Desire to Write .. What is stopping? 2. Poison, hic hic hic hic, Dead! 3. Power on Windows booting Crash! Shit! 4. Lazy writer asks ... (Is this enough) 5. Smart I like .... Smart@$$ I don't

Wondering if Recession was there long before

Right now when we are recession struck and loosing jobs the one thought that circles our mind is it would be better if I had some land of my own.. I would have rather gone there to try out my luck with agriculture than to remain in this uncertain world to wait until I get fired. But wait I have a question was recession there long before in the times when it was not a democracy but autocracy, when people were not employed in BPOs, IT industries, or High paying jobs but were simpletons who used to work for their kings army or were farmers and peasants. Where would they thought of going in case they faced Recession. Probably they would have moved out to someother teritory , greener pasteur or got killed by their arrogant king.

Loosing Shine or Shining Bright

Traditional Cricket loosing its shine with the new format of T20 coming in. I don’t think people now have patience to watch a one day. I run down the lane my thought to few years before. I used to curse thinking that in this country where there are more than 100 Crores in population why can’t they find the able Eleven players to represent our nation and keep winning as other countries. I am sure that Ranji existed long before but with the new format of Twenty 20 coming in picture and with lots of new tournaments like IPL and ICL a lot of youngsters have got the chance to show off their skills and get a place in the squad to represent the country. Could such a thing be done to other games too… (Hockey, Tennis, Athletics … ) So that instead of those red tapes we are able to identify brighter players to represent us in Olympics and other such events. Conduct lots and lots of internal tournaments for Cricket, Football, Tennis and identify the great players in this country. I Just wo

Too much of Twitter

I felt it was a too much of office in me when I started to swipe my i-card before the door in my house… Thats when I realized that my office habit being to much in my nerves … But recently have been adding @ before my '”To address” in my emails like writing @vtrravikumar instead of to whom the mail should have been intended too. I believe Twitter in my nerves now a days ….

Is Recession really that bad

Today I was out in a Seminar sought of thing organized by IBM Developer works. Although the planned session was no up-to mark due to last minute cancellation by one of the  the speaker and the substitute speaker did not impress me at least. The last part of the agenda was un-conference where a few from the participants spoke for few minutes and One of the participant I don’t remember his company had a beautiful thing to share. He said he had interviewed some top notch recently for some journal and his question was “How bad is recession going to be ?” but was pretty astonished when the senior person had some positive things to say about Recession. As we all presume recession is not all that bad and there are good things too. Survival of the fittest – Darwin did identify this for different reasons but it sure does fit well with the current scenario too. In this cut throat market only the fittest might emerge out of this situation so hold tight and strengthen your basics. Better pr

Minting Money

Ever thought who is minting money even in this recession. Its not those intellectuals , its not those businessmen, Its the Actors, Cricketers and the Politicians. Just imagine in the current scenario where earning a dime is such a tough thing how these guys make so easy money with no basic education. I wish  my parents have had let me play cricket all the day when I was young and not forced to study all the while..  I neither was able to learn the skill of cricket nor did I excel in studies. :)