Loosing Shine or Shining Bright

Traditional Cricket loosing its shine with the new format of T20 coming in. I don’t think people now have patience to watch a one day.

I run down the lane my thought to few years before. I used to curse thinking that in this country where there are more than 100 Crores in population why can’t they find the able Eleven players to represent our nation and keep winning as other countries. I am sure that Ranji existed long before but with the new format of Twenty 20 coming in picture and with lots of new tournaments like IPL and ICL a lot of youngsters have got the chance to show off their skills and get a place in the squad to represent the country.

Mussoorie002 (2)Could such a thing be done to other games too… (Hockey, Tennis, Athletics … ) So that instead of those red tapes we are able to identify brighter players to represent us in Olympics and other such events. Conduct lots and lots of internal tournaments for Cricket, Football, Tennis and identify the great players in this country.

I Just wonder are we “Loosing Shine or Shining Bright”


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