Better late than Never

           Apocalypse that is to finish off the earth by 21/12/2012 comes at a very short notice that leaves us with little chance for some great plans but I would say its “Better late than Never
We all would agree that life is already screwed up beyond the chance of any revival and instead of turning our face away or ignoring all the warnings why not accept it and think about some positive things that could be done. I am not going to give the details on how The world is going to end or numerous signs that point to sure end by 2012 but rather would like provoke your thoughts on how we can plan to approach the inevitable Apocalypse and live life.
Planning for an apocalypse can be something new to all of us and since we may not know what may come and what we need to face it would be touch to plan something so instead of starting with how to survive an apocalypse lets start with an simpler task of how to spend our time worthwhile until the apocalypse. By the time I am posting this we are almost left with only 868 Days, my suggestion would be plan to work hard for a few more months 8 to 10 months the goal here is to accumulate as much money as you can within this time and then be well placed for the remaining year and a half. Many of us might have already have started certain saving plans, insurances etc., check how many of those can be en-cashed when an immediate need arises.
Postpone long term planning to post 2012.. (like buying an home, saving plans..) Instead of thinking about long term savings, plan to have more cash in hand and start thinking about those things you always dreamt of doing but just set them aside as you assumed it was not feasible now. (like going on a Trek, A long planned vacation, Buying your dream Car/Bike).  This is not the time to buy home and end up locking your hard earned money but to invest in an SUV which may help you drive around and visit places. I would like to mostly travel during 2012. A RV could be a good bet, but am not sure how much I would require to buy one in India. I can certainly take a loan which I probably may not have to return.
So instead of ignoring or complaining about what is to come pull your self together and start thinking of what you want to do and how you plan to do the same.
(To be continued… )


Unknown said…
Surely a different thought which deserves appreciation.It's not important to ponder about the occurrence of Apocalypse,instead should look at the brighter side which is to live Life to Maximum extent.The author assumes the occurrence of Doomsday to be a certain event and plans for the remaining period.The whole idea of the author is a novel one and must be thought seriously by everyone.

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