A Distant Dream

A lot of things in the life just seems like a Distant Dream. With little hope and knowledge on how we are going to achieve those we still keep running towards it. Not all are born with a silver spoon and only a few manage to earn one.

"I just ponder over my past to figure out my future" - vtrravikumar (wow cant believe I wrote my first very own saying)

Life has not been kind to me as to the 99% percent of the rest of the world , so it doesn't seem as I been the few who has been cheated but at times I do feel bad that I could have been the remaining 1%.

Have your felt being in a situation where you have not planned your future, your present seems grim and Past worth forgetting, I ask this because I often feel that and considering my self a part of the majority I am sure a lot of us must be feeling the same. Although an average from my start but never have I let this bother me. But have been no lesser sad when I lost something.

So Whilst
I ponder over my past to figure out my future I am just worried If I am wasting my present......


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