Whom to believe

In this time when Elections are around the corner whom should the Indian public believe and cast their vote. Although looking at the broader picture it seems like Congress and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) seem to be coming as the two most prominent candidates. As a common man it really seems confusing on whom to believe.

Should one Believe BJP which might not look into the concerns of the minority and might be inclined to one particular religion. Certain acts of this party in the yester years should be haunting a lot but BJP itself has not been able to cash in many goof ups the Congress did. Once given a chance was not able to keep it up to the whole term. With no powerful personallity to pose for the prime minister candidate. The lack of being in power for long term should be an inertia that BJP has to deal with.

Whether to believe the (Psuedo) Secular Congress who have been around almost since our independance a good 50+ years. After the 400 years of slavery under the British Rule what came next was under the rule of the one another family who knew well how to hypnotize the common man just before the elections and come to power once again only to do nothing for the next 5 years. It was really a shame on certain incidences where this party tried bribing ministers to prove their majority in parliment. A major blow to our countries integrity and security when a couple of 5 star hotel were under attack killing lot of innocent. Even after having proper proofs to nail the neighbouring country Congress could do nothing and kept mum.

I really am confused... are you...


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