Confused about the Future

Have you ever given a thought about what the current politico economic scenario in the world could do to the future of the young students today. The greatest challenge to the students more that to excel in the studies is also to choose thier path correctly so that 4 years later or 5 years later they do not feel that they chose the wrong direction. Its a great pressure mounting within the minds of those who are in that stage of their studies which would determine thier career. The current recession which is the outcome of the Economic crisis is doing more invisible loss.

Having completed my education 10 years before I really feel relieved. I did have a option to decide depending upon the job scenrio then to choose computers as the field of oppurtunies then. I just was wondering what course would I choose if I had to do it now ? A tough question to answer indeed.

Assuming that someone is somewhere in the last two years of his schooling. What direction would one choose. 
  • Would a Bachealors in  Engineering ensure me a job.
  • Should I be opting to do an MBBS.
  • Could a MBA assure me of a bright future.
  • ....
Those are very few of the thousands of question that might arise in the mind.  

There was a time when government job was liked by all then came the computer era and people found more money in a private sector than in government jobs.  Bridegroom who where working in computer related jobs, working abroad where most sought off. But with the current uncertinity its again the government jobs are preferred due to the stability that it provides.

I am sure Career counsellors too would not be able to provide the right guidance in such a market.

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