Google Wave the Tsunami 2009

The Google unveiled “Google Wave” to the developer community on the Google I/O 2009. The main aim behind to do this is to involve the developer community to participate, Since Google Wave is planned to be a open Source Google wants open source developers to start working on the APIs and add many features in parallel while Google Wave is being developed.

Google hints of releasing the Google Wave end of this Year.

I was following the first few minutes of the presentation the Google team made regarding the Google Wave and it really seems to be thing which would revolutionize the way in which we see emails today. The point they are making here is the email currently we use were developed long before and did not consider many of the new feature developed lately. What if email was developed now...? What will a email designed now do…?

Remarkably the features that were shown as a part of the preview are going to attract the present web crowd. Lets have our finger crossed untill we get the invitation to this new Wave.


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