Courage & Patience

At the outset these two words may seem to be going well together but in actual these are contradictory to each other. What I mean when i say this is an act of courage may be considered as an act of impatience and like wise patience might be taken as cowardice at some case..

Courage = impatience ?
Patience = Cowardice ?

To say that these two words are entirely opposite may be incorrect and to strike the right balance is the key to that. Both courage and patience are qualities of great men but when to shake the dust off and strike is the key to the difference. Many a people in the past have shown this great strength to distinguish between these two and attain the stature. A great example would be Mahatma Gandhi. To be patient and sit on a hunger fast or get courageous and march against the British soldiers.

I would say “Courage in self defense and Patience in attack” would be password for mastering these two.
So what does that mean …? Courage in self defense… When being hit showing patience would be considered as cowardice but when you are angry and feel the uncontrollable feel to attack then Courage would be considered as impatience..


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