Craving for Attention

Getting the attention of a visitor or getting more people to visit your blog is the biggest challenge. Usually this is the greatest crave for any blogger to see his blog be poplular ... swarming with visitors who comment on their thought. To achive this may seem a himlayan task but for some its just a click of fingers ... so simple .. that they keep achiveing this on and on..

Just as we all know money attracts money the same holds good for popularity as well... Popularity attracts popularity. So popular celebrity might get away writing crap and still managing to get a far better reach but as a normal user you need to be sure that you write something that has a large audience and makes them feel it was useful to them.

The olden day trick was send out the link in a email to all those you think would be interested in reading or atleast promoting it further to their friends but now a days social media plays an active role in achieving this trick.

With all these extrordinary efforts one thing that surely needs to be good for people to be visiting your site or blog is how frequently you keep it updated with interesting writeups.

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