Chennai Changing

Visiting Chennai almost after 2 years showing how fast a city changes.. I have always liked Chennai and feel that its the most beautiful out of all the other metros (Not visited Kolkata but heard that its not so good out there…)

(Inside IIT Chennai )

In the last 10 years the way in which this city has taken up IT industry and adopted it,  has contributed a lot to the changes.. The Chennai I remember 10 – 15 years ago is the superb Green/Red striped government buses (Pallavan/Ambedkar), Bright yellow Auto-rickshaw the deep Blue colored Bay of Bengal embracing the eastern shores like a passionate lover.

One thing that strikingly welcomes you in Chennai either when you travel by Road or by Air is the Statue of Nehru in Kaththipara  ( Now this statue is almost vanished between the fly-over constructed recently.. Chennai did not have these many fly-over neither did it require due to the very less traffic before but now a days most of them have a vehicle here.

Chennai has never been air polluted (maybe due to the regular flushing in and out of the sea breeze). Climate here has not changed in these years.. it has always been pleasant and it still is..

The greatest thing I still love about Chennai is the local conveyance. Be it the “Call taxi” , the “share auto” or the “government buses” all seem to be very nominal with slight variance respective to the level of comfort  it provides.. I always like to travel  by all modes.


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