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I do believe that a Still Photo speaks more words than an video. A frozen moment of life that shows those happy times, places visited, which urge you to rethink that time.

P1020691 IMG_2497

A couple of years before when SLR were not affordable and photography still was in its original form where you develop you negative and print pictures choosing photography as a hobby would have been a costly affair but with the advent of digital cameras and D-SLR photography takes new twist. With Digital cameras and D-SLR although the initial cost involved may be a little high but have no recurring costs of either films to be bought or photographs to be printed to actually see them. How painful it used to be thinking have shot some good photographs but only to discover later (while printing) that a lot of them were spoilt due to over exposure, bad light, or some one blinked during the great moment,or problem with the film reel.. Now a days you are at the liberty to shoot a picture and see it instantaneously if it was what  you were looking for.

Akshay Patra Kitchen
© Photographer: Vtr | Agency: Dreamstime.com
Humayuns Tomb
© Photographer: Vtr | Agency: Dreamstime.com

While sketching I rather like portraits than scenery but when it comes to photography I like monuments a lot. My love towards travel and a taste for photography gel well. I try to shoot a lot of them. Still in a very initial stages where I just have started experimenting with the manual modes. This is one other hobby where I think you can learn slowly with no urgency and worrying of growing old practicing. I guess with age it gets better.


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