Talking to an Alien

What if Stephen hawking was right in saying aliens were out there and contact with them could be dangerous.

Stephen Hawking may think it's too risky to try to talk to space aliens.  Oops. Too late. NASA and others have already beamed several messages into deep space, trying to phone ET. NASA  which two years ago, broadcast the Beatles song "Across the Universe" across the galaxy.  But the point here is we may not ignore the warning of such eminent scientist.

So its good that these guys out there are some light years away and if they too are as pea brained as humans it might take some light year form them to come with a craft that would let them ferry here faster.

Just reminds me of the flick MIB (Men in Black) where Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones go about talking to aliens in disguise as normal people to gather details of a rouge (alien). The movie showcases how aliens are well mingled with our earthlings and are already out there with us. Is it possible that they are already here living our life.  So watch out … keep your eyes and ears open for they might be already tweeting with you.

Even the thought gives a creeps to think that unknowingly the girl you slept with in last party under high alcohol was a Martian with three B00B$.



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