Amarnath Yatra to be Taxed…

With no offense to any religion we in India have always been boasting of being a secular nation where Ramzaan and Diwali is celebrated with equal zeal.
Unlike any other nation the India government provides a Haj subsidy to aid the haj pilgrims have free ride, but its really a pity to hear that the dark ages of Islamic domination seem to be slowly seeping back into independent India. First was the Kashmiri Muslim hegemony of not allowing land and infrastructure for Hindu yatris; and now Jazia has been levied on the pilgrims and langars for the revered Amarnath Yatra.(Read more …)
The pilgrimage to Amarnath is considered to be one of the toughest next to the Kailash Mansarovar yatra. Pilgrims from various part of the country walk an arduous 2-3 days walk to reach the sacred caves where the lord Shiva, the Destroyer once recited the amar katha to his wife Parvati.
The Amarnath yatra is tough for the poor not so for the wealthy who could opt to take a Chopper ride from Baltal and land directly just before the steps that lead to the main cave.  So having a Jazia on those poor pilgrims is an injustice and needs the attention of the government.
While we all raise our voices for petty incidences when the media popularizes it. Feel victorious when you stomp the release of MNIK (My Name is Khan) but we all rail to realize that while we dedicate our time to those petty things we leave bigger issues slip through. Taxing a pilgrimage was even condemned and abolished by emperor Akbar shame on our able politicians who turn a blind eye to such atrocity..
why keep mum.


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