twitter When Google came into existence it sure did become an entry into the Webster dictionary (Google Meaning) but with the advent of Twitter its sure that it has kept the dictionary publishers with a lot new words and meanings. People who use Twitter (Tweeple) do have a lot more to add to the vocabulary.

A tweetup is simply an in-person gathering organized via Twitter, often spontaneous. Companies use them for things like hosting launch parties, connecting with customers and introducing like-minded followers to each other.

Tweeple - A person who uses twitter , has a twitter account, tweets regularly or all the people out there in Twitter.

like in “Good Morning Tweeps(Tweeple) have a nice day”

Twitizen – Just like a Citizen but the only difference here is that the country he belongs to is Twitter

like in “An Average twitizen would know what a RT , DM , # means….”

Twoob – A Twitter n00b

Twacker – A computer programmer who is hacking twitter

Twacklist – Twitter + Blacklist

like in “I am twacklisting @loremipsum never retweets my posts”

Twacklog – A Backlog of tweets

like in “Back from vacation and have a lot of twacklog”

Twaddle – The rubbish tweets that no one wants to read

Twaddict – One addicted to Twitter.

like in “Looks like I am becoming a Twaddict now a days, my fingers tremble when not tweeting”

Tworld – Twitter world

Twamous – Widely known, or honoured for achievement on the Tworld

 like in “I must admit no one became as twamous as @sachin_rt in a day”

How about an Twessay:

Although I have been here in tworld for almost 2 years now I have not been able to be as twamous as a lot other tweeple out here who make me twelous about them I may not say that I tweet a lot but still may consider my self a twaddict as I read a lot of what others tweet.  Just twondering how people would have spent their time at work before twitter came into twexistence.

Pls do RT if you liked it and have some more twords do put in in the comment section…..

Want the full list do not forget to Tvisit (Twictionary)


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