Nothing Succeeds like Success

Nothing Succeeds like a Success” is the favorite quote of my Wife and I am glad it suits the following incident.
I have always been an average child. My marks in my school were barely enough to fetch me a decent rank somewhere ranging between 15 – 25 in a class of 45. I was not a popular student but neither a trouble maker, I was the average timid guy.  I’ve often wondered how poor my luck was.  I did not have skills like singing or dancing but I did fairly well in sketching. However in  my school days I rarely won any competition.
I could still remember the day I joined my engineering college which was a newly opened college and we were first batch.  The college being a new one did not have a logo/emblem of its own and it was announced that the college would give opportunity to its new students to showcase their talent and allow them to design the college logo/emblem.  Although I knew how good my stars were I thought I should give it a shot. In the evening when I returned back to my room, I started sketching out a logo in my college notebook and almost finished it in a couple of hours. As I did not want to tear this off my note I decided I would photocopy it and submit the following as my entry.
The centre of the logo was the famous Rock Fort of Tiruchirapalli (Trichy), and the four sides were symbols to represent four streams Computer Science, Communication, Electrical and Mechanical. Since I probably submitted to early and the deadline was still on I almost forgot about this competition. A couple of days later when I entered our class room a group of my classmates informed me that My Logo had been selected to be the college logo. It truly was a new beginning and I could sense my luck changing already. My Joy knew no bounds and within the first few days I was already popular in my college and everyone in my college (roughly 140 students) and the faculty seemed to know me now. I received a cash award or Rs.500 from the director of my College Dr.Shanmuganathan.
This incident certainly changed me from an average timid guy to a confident person which I am now.


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