Locked outside

I was very happy when I bought this Godrej Ultra twin bolt lock (“India’s first unpick able Locking System) and installed in the main entrance of my rented apartment which happens to be in the second floor. Great lock with those computerized dimpled keys and did not require a key to lock just shut the doors and feel safe.. But least did I realize that this great feature will become a curse.

A friend of my wife had visited us along with her husband and child after half a day long conversation and get together when it was time for them to leave myself and my wife walked them out of the door leaving my father-in-law at home. We walked all the way down the stairs to their car, our talks continued a little more before they got seated themselves in their car. It was when I noticed that my Father-in-law too had come just behind us to see them off and inadvertently slamming the door on the way out.. Great news… none had carried the keys while coming out … Just that we all realize that we are all now locked outside our house at 8.00 PM.

The doors in the balcony facing the road was open but there was no way that it could be accessed easily. I do always have an extra set of key in my car but guess what the car keys too are locked in the house.. So looking into the situation the options left were.. Break the wooden door (Not possible with the landlord living in the first floor), Break one of the side glass of the car and get the house keys( this would certainly dent my wallet), Or ask the neighbors to let me in and since their balcony and ours is side by side I can try sling shot my self into our floor (But problem is this is to occur in the second floor and would be highly risky to be doing out in the dark). After analyzing all the pros and cons the last option of me dangling out of the neighbors balcony seemed to the one with no direct monetary impact as long as i do not fall off and break my bones.

I walked up to my neighbors door and apologetically enquired if they would permit me do what I had thought of doing.. They agreed to that immediately and I know they too would have wanted to watch me fall that's why they agreed to it so easily… Clinging to their balcony wall carefully I managed to reach out my balcony and finally jumped in safely to retrieve the keys which were inside and in no time opened the door from inside to everyone's relief…

But not much days have gone by after this incident that it happened again. Me and my wife had a tussle and being angry and show it she walked out of the door and sat in the step in front of the door and acting as if she was crying.. A little while later I came out and finding her sitting out there covering her face I wanted to make some noise.. How stupid of me .. I slammed the door close to make her realize I was standing behind her.. Guess what no keys this time as well…

There I was sheepishly standing at my neighbors doors requesting them to allow me do my stunt once more…


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