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Shahrukh Khan Dug Out

Shahrukh can be the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders but the kind of advertisement/Promotion he tries to generate using this status has been a issue for some time. From the time when he tried to promote his OSO during a cricket match and thereby gathering the ridicule by BCCI he had tried different things to be in close touch with the Cricket team. SRKs buying KKR seems to be one of the ways he invented to be with the team he was forbidden to. Today during the IPL match what I saw was SRK was not only in KKRs dug out but also was seen aroung Chennai Super King's dug out. What if he was trying to bribe the CSKs (Just for the sake of humour) but does not seem impossible. Cricket now has come more popular and viewer capturing with the T20 format and no wonder everyone is trying to cash out this oppurtunity. IMHO Cricketers should stick to Cricket and Actors to Acting... Escept for the two characters R and K , I couldn't find any significant connection between SRK(ShahrRukh Khan) and


A usual Friday.. Woke up at 3.30 PM... A bit late to office today...


May Day - Not the distress call... Got to go to work no holiday today :) Rajasthan Royals register their victory again. Its a mayday call for Kolkata Knight riders... Knight Riders make Pontings absence not felt. Ganguly takes charge of non sportsmanship Today got the link of Amitabh Bachchans blog Here is the link