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Remembering A Legend

I Googled “My DAD” and “LEGEND” came up a million times Have bought some old albums which I thought would be good if I scan and kept them. My Dad had been photo shy and had a very few good snaps of him. But as I start scanning this great man I just travel a few years back to just realize that what ever I am is because of him. V. Thulasi Raman(1942 – 2006)     Unlike others my father did not leave me a immense wealth or houses but one great thing he envisioned was that importance of education and spent most of his hard earned in our education. He knew that education was the fore most wealth which I would not end up spending all and would be one which will be with me life long and help me take care of my family.  Even in death bed his only concern was how I should still support my sisters who was half way in her MBA after her Engineering Degree.      In spite of his stern nature which could be attributed to his initial years in Arm


          One of the destination that was part of the agenda of my visit to Chennai was Thirunallar, most noted for the shrine of Lord Shani in the temple dedicated to lord Darbaresvara, a form of Lord Shiva. This is the only temple that is dedicated to Lord Shani (Lord of Saturn). Devotees visit in millions during the transit of the planet Saturn between zodiac signs, but Saturdays are as important as well..            Since it was decided that we would pay visit on Saturday our plan was to start from Chennai on Friday late night and reach Thirunallar early morning and take the sacred dip in the Nala theerth, by bathing here, it is believed that one is washed off all kinds of misfortune and afflictions. (This theerth is said to have relieved the affliction of king Nala). We reached the Nala Theerth around 4.30 am and took the ritualistic bath as per which post bath devotees leave the cloth worn during bath in the theerth and wear new ones.. visit the nearby vinai theertha Pillai

Chennai Changing

Visiting Chennai almost after 2 years showing how fast a city changes.. I have always liked Chennai and feel that its the most beautiful out of all the other metros (Not visited Kolkata but heard that its not so good out there…) (Inside IIT Chennai ) In the last 10 years the way in which this city has taken up IT industry and adopted it,  has contributed a lot to the changes.. The Chennai I remember 10 – 15 years ago is the superb Green/Red striped government buses (Pallavan/Ambedkar), Bright yellow Auto-rickshaw the deep Blue colored Bay of Bengal embracing the eastern shores like a passionate lover. One thing that strikingly welcomes you in Chennai either when you travel by Road or by Air is the Statue of Nehru in Kaththipara  ( Now this statue is almost vanished between the fly-over constructed recently.. Chennai did not have these many fly-over neither did it require due to the very less traffic before but now a days most of

Revisiting the School

Visiting the school after almost 17 years after I had completed my 12th was really a moment I had been dreaming of.   One thing that I didn’t expect was that most of my teachers who where teaching at that time had retired or left school now. It was exam times when I reached and most of the old and experienced teachers whom I knew were invigilating for various classes.   It was really amazing to see the love and affection they showed to me. Most of them could only remember my face but not my name.   Finally before leaving visited the new Principal who was kind enough to speak to me for some time and appreciating my visit.   Technorati Tags: Vana Vani IIT Chennai Madras School Visiting