Remembering A Legend

I Googled “My DAD” and “LEGEND” came up a million times
Have bought some old albums which I thought would be good if I scan and kept them. My Dad had been photo shy and had a very few good snaps of him. But as I start scanning this great man I just travel a few years back to just realize that what ever I am is because of him.

V. Thulasi Raman(1942 – 2006)
    Unlike others my father did not leave me a immense wealth or houses but one great thing he envisioned was that importance of education and spent most of his hard earned in our education. He knew that education was the fore most wealth which I would not end up spending all and would be one which will be with me life long and help me take care of my family.  Even in death bed his only concern was how I should still support my sisters who was half way in her MBA after her Engineering Degree.
In spite of his stern nature which could be attributed to his initial years in Army, he had been the best father anyone could have, who always protected our interest and thought well ahead of time. I could now understand why he ask me to choose Computer science and Engineering in 1994 when IT had just stepped in India.
I only regret that he is not around when his hard work bore results and we are in far better position that before..  I guess that’s what parents are all about, self-less and never expecting any returns.


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