Google Wave

Finally after the long wait got the invitation from google and now have my account setup. With some initial roadblocks of not knowing what to do and how to just as if an infant would learn to walk with its first few steps...

As a few of us might already know right now the wave is only open as a developer preview and Google actually aims to have this coming up late this year. But in order to try out your developing skills with the Google Wave you need to have a sandbox account too... (Am glad that I was able to request for and was granted too soon... ) With a little bit of tremble I was able to create my first Google Wave Robot as it is called (If you have a wave account try adding my application by including This is a friendly bot that would greet as soon as anyone joins the wave. There are gadgets that could be developed and have seen few useful ones already there like the one which uses the map API.. It was also good to see lots of people already started discussing and developing stuffs using the API's that are available out there.

To make a wave public you can add to your new wave...

Still not got your invite comment on this with your email id where you would like me to send the invite.. (Got a few left so every 5th comment gets a invite .)

Already have your wave account... Check what all you could do with Wave

another good link to know more about the Wave Click here
A Few helpful bots that you add once you have your account



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