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How to publish a personal Web Page

This is a post I thought would help many of those not so computer savvy people who wish to create and publish a website for their personal or small business need. I am sure there would have been times when a need for creating a web page to host those ideas or business details might have come. So what actually is required to create and host a website of ones own. Believe me when I say this is not as hard as it appears and you would not need much of a technical expertise but a couple of patient hours with some content only to host this personal site of your own. First of all what you would require is a domain name ... To put in more plain words this would be the text that one would type in the browser address bar to reach out to your website like usually you can go to some domain registrar (one who has rights to sell you such domain names). I used this particular domain registrar . All you need to do is choose a name for your website and see if it is avai

U3 launchpad

It sucks the U3 drive i had does not work in the new laptop I bought with preloaded Vista. I just tried poking in the U3 pendrive i had to check whether it works in the new laptop i bought and was dissapointed to see that the U3 launchpad i have is incompatible with the Vista OS. Would be glad to hear from someone who had faced a similar issue and had resolved it. The only resolution I think in this hour is to throw back the drive into my desk draw and keep moving on.

Varun Gandhi

The new rising Star in Indian Politics. Unlike his cousin who takes the softer approach Varun seems to be emerging as a dynamic personality that might appeal the common man. As normally said the First impression is the best impression. This young lad surely has made his impression in this vast country. Its good to see someone from Gandhi family being as popular as this after Rajiv Gandhi but this time only to be in the opposite side of Congress. His bold approach towards what his thoughts and expressing them publicly and then standing for what he said with no fear really impresses me. I am sure this would have impacted a lot of people in this country. Varun Gandhi is surely one person to look for in this elections.

Whom to believe

In this time when Elections are around the corner whom should the Indian public believe and cast their vote. Although looking at the broader picture it seems like Congress and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) seem to be coming as the two most prominent candidates. As a common man it really seems confusing on whom to believe. Should one Believe BJP which might not look into the concerns of the minority and might be inclined to one particular religion. Certain acts of this party in the yester years should be haunting a lot but BJP itself has not been able to cash in many goof ups the Congress did. Once given a chance was not able to keep it up to the whole term. With no powerful personallity to pose for the prime minister candidate. The lack of being in power for long term should be an inertia that BJP has to deal with. Whether to believe the (Psuedo) Secular Congress who have been around almost since our independance a good 50+ years. After the 400 years of slavery under the British Rule wh