How to publish a personal Web Page

This is a post I thought would help many of those not so computer savvy people who wish to create and publish a website for their personal or small business need. I am sure there would have been times when a need for creating a web page to host those ideas or business details might have come. So what actually is required to create and host a website of ones own. Believe me when I say this is not as hard as it appears and you would not need much of a technical expertise but a couple of patient hours with some content only to host this personal site of your own.

First of all what you would require is a domain name ... To put in more plain words this would be the text that one would type in the browser address bar to reach out to your website like usually you can go to some domain registrar(one who has rights to sell you such domain names). I used this particular domain registrar All you need to do is choose a name for your website and see if it is available in the extensions like .com .in .info etc., Once you have got a suitable name now is the part that comes where you keep the content.

The second thing after getting a domain name is the hosting. The site from where i got the domain name provides free hosting as well. So I opted for the free hosting package. Its usually great to have the same place to have the domain registered with and the hosting also as it would relive from having some dns setups which is pre done in this case.

The third and final step is to create the content that you wish to display out in our newly created domain. Even for this the hosting sites provide very simple interfaces that help you create web pages on the go and within minutes you can have your page up and runnign viewable by millions over the net.


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