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This is a place where every one who knows about twitter would love to have their twitter account listed... It is a common belief that if your twitter account is mentioned with the #FollowFriday tag by someone may influenze the followers of the person who mentioned you to follow you too...

Google Wave

Finally after long got a mail from Google with an invite for Google Wave Sandbox.. But looks like I need to wait for some more time until I get the access. Fingers Crossed and exited already


In a recent trip from Delhi to Jaipur I realized we end up paying toll tax approx. 150 - 200 Rs. which is a sum of 5 - 6 various toll booths that we pass by (Noida DND, Gurgaon Toll , and a few more on the way....) But this let me start thinking why the hell would I pay for a good road while I already pay my taxes (Income Tax). Shouldn't the government use my tax money for this purpose instead of asking me for a separate tax to avail a road that I should any how be entitled to...

Surprised, humbled

Its not only Obama who feels that way on getting the Nobel Peace prize... But a whole lot others are certainly surprised. “I don’t deserve this award but will accept this as a call to action.” - B H Obama

No Work and No Play

When young all would certainly have heard the saying "All work and no play makes jack ....." But the current situation I feel it would be better to say "There is no Work but no Play either "... Our lives have become a bag of boredom that although there is not much sincere work to keep us awake whole day but we still tend to sleep late and fail to enjoy the smaller joys of life... The economic situation and the job scenario now a days does have bought in the fear of lay off but all know there is not much work either to keep you busy... All that we do is to pose as if we are so busy. We waste all our week only to work more in the weekends to prove to nobody of this extra effort for which we all know that we are not going to get any special bonus or kudos... We all have our complains that life has become so fast that we got no time but in fact I would say that it has become so slow that we are not able to understand the slow babble...