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Dooms Day Machine

Large Hadron Collider - The LHC is almost nearing its completion after years of development and construction at CERN. Now our scientist can know how this Universe came into existance. - The LHC is a machine that is used by scientist to collide matter head on. Two packs of protons are accelerated in two different directions; and collide exactly at the 'collider'. At this portion of the accelerator, as a result of a head on collision between two proton, a shower of elementary particles a produced and it is detectable by the instrument. This shower of particles is of particular interest to the scientists because they are looking for the tiniest elements that makes up the tiniest element known in an atom. It may reveal a clue of how the universe began, or it may reveal something else beneficial to human kind one day. The scientists are producing interpretable results in terms of figures, and these figures are supported by rigorous mathematical foundation and proofs. The main concer

Google Chrome

Was initially unable to download google chrome using the links that were earlier available in the net. It was showing some script error. I then succeeded using the other link. downloading it now....

Google Crome

The Google Chrome browser, I hope its a pleasant surprise like any other google products we have used till now and I am sure that Google won't disappoint any of us