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Time to update your Resume

The only thought that comes to mind with the new advancement of Oracle buying Sun microsystem is that is it high time to update the resume. The possible actions would be to Consider highlighting the Oracle capablities Take any task done in Mysql or any such certification out of resume Know how to use Netbeans ? No use Have worked in J Developer good time to show it off Anyways Sun chairman Scott McNealy hailed the merger as an industry-defining event. No doubt about it.

Confused about the Future

Have you ever given a thought about what the current politico economic scenario in the world could do to the future of the young students today. The greatest challenge to the students more that to excel in the studies is also to choose thier path correctly so that 4 years later or 5 years later they do not feel that they chose the wrong direction. Its a great pressure mounting within the minds of those who are in that stage of their studies which would determine thier career. The current recession which is the outcome of the Economic crisis is doing more invisible loss. Having completed my education 10 years before I really feel relieved. I did have a option to decide depending upon the job scenrio then to choose computers as the field of oppurtunies then. I just was wondering what course would I choose if I had to do it now ? A tough question to answer indeed. Assuming that someone is somewhere in the last two years of his schooling. What direction would one choose.  Would a Bachealor


Although I would not say that I am a professional photographer but due to my craze of traveling I usually make sure that am out of my home every 2 months and eventhough the place chosen is in 400-500 radius from Delhi some times it becomes a long drive too. Yeah I like to drive and when I plan my trips I usually make sure that I drive to that place instead of hiring a cab or taking any other mode of transport unless it is too far or not accessible by road. I have made it a habit since I got my first job 9 years before and still have been following it religiously. Due to this nature of mine I end up travelling 4-5 times in a year. And not to say wherever I go I take lots of photographs thanks now to the Digital revolution one can not worry about the cost involved in Developing and printing that had earlier made photography a costly hobby. Now with the uncertain economy and Job losses happening globally I been lately thinking of alternative professions I can do and taking up photography