Although I would not say that I am a professional photographer but due to my craze of traveling I usually make sure that am out of my home every 2 months and eventhough the place chosen is in 400-500 radius from Delhi some times it becomes a long drive too. Yeah I like to drive and when I plan my trips I usually make sure that I drive to that place instead of hiring a cab or taking any other mode of transport unless it is too far or not accessible by road. I have made it a habit since I got my first job 9 years before and still have been following it religiously. Due to this nature of mine I end up travelling 4-5 times in a year. And not to say wherever I go I take lots of photographs thanks now to the Digital revolution one can not worry about the cost involved in Developing and printing that had earlier made photography a costly hobby.

Now with the uncertain economy and Job losses happening globally I been lately thinking of alternative professions I can do and taking up photography as a profession is also an option I have been looking into. I just wonder how those photojournalist are recruited in reputed places like Discovery, National Geography, etc.,

Would I need a degree in media and journalism to make my move towards this career. I would love to hear more on this from anyone who knows about it. (Please do comment if you have any suggestions)


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