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Happy New Year

I guess its time to say Happy New Year Remember 2009 and Welcome 2010. Remembering 2009 I had been a hectic year with lots of thing happening some sweet and some sour experiences to all. I guess people from IT background/Finance and most of us which ever filed they earn their bread would love to forget their experiences this year. Obama would certainly love to remember this year with it being the most happening year of his life so far.. President of the US, Nobel Prize... Tiger Woods would wish this year did not come.. All his fame earned in Golf gone in a wind with redefining what a hole meant to him... .... Welcoming 2010

Fall back in line

I know when i started this blog I thought it would be a reprieve from my usual work related stuff but lately looks like I have skewed off my course... To those who have been annoyed with my change please bear with me until I   fall back into the line... Promise to keep my writing strictly to my non technical thoughts...

Enterprise Service Bus

The Enterprise Service Bus is now being considered as the Best approach  to realize Service Oriented Architecture. Service Oriented Architecture has been a term we all have hear for quite a time now but the success of this architecture still had been in question. The ROI it can provide to an application had been in firing lines till now. With the advent of the ESB there is a change in this conception of the people who have been talking about or questioning SOA till now. SOA is neither a product nor a solution. It is an integration framework that binds internal and external services to create a solution. With SOA, instead of focusing on different applications that reside on different computers, the emphasis is on business services that represent several different underlying applications. As SOA can seamlessly be put into practice in existing IT environments it ensures that changes in technology and processes during core banking replacements can be phased out and managed effectively. T