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FITE for Survival

The very basic human nature to ape someone has been the way of growing. Even as infants be it the tricks of speech or to Walk we have taken our Parents as role models trying to imitate what they say and how they do as we grow. As nations we try to Ape our western brothers in various aspects and try to be in their level. F irst I mitate T hen E xcel (FITE) is basically an approach where in we try to do new things better by looking over people who do it already. In this approach the first and foremost task is to identify the task, identify role model, identify the how it is being done now, Improvise and Excel. Approach : Identify Task/Goal Identify Role Model Identify Steps to do Improvise the Steps Do it Better and Excel But as the tasks get bigger so does the challenges to do it better and usually there may be three things we might end up trying. Fail trying to reach the state of the Role model. Fail improvising and remain in the same state as Role Model. Achi