Friday, May 20, 2016

Nimbu Paani

Google I/O 2016, the annual developers conference for Google, introduced a plethora of new goodness. Google also announced improvements to Android — though N, out of beta this summer, still needs to be named. 

You can participate too by visiting this page .

I personally would like the name "NimbuPaani". Its high time Google gives India some importance now that we have Sunder Pichai there for support.

Out of all the major improvements to the new OS , in Andoid N you will be able to run android application without the need to download it.

Some more exciting things that you may see coming soon are Allo, Duo, Daydream, 

Things I Miss

Just after seeing an article "Giving up my iPod for a Walkman" I realized there are lot many things in the world which we sparingly use now a days. Certain things which were a must have and hard to live without  have vanished from the face of earth now. Technology took a drastic turn in the last decade and its worth noting that few things we were used to in our earlier childhood will never exist and the generations coming might never have heard or experienced them.

Talk about calculators and kids now a days would really be amazed to know that they actually had a device for calculator while its an application in their smartphone or tablet.

Pay phones are slowly becoming obsolete, can't remember when I used one to call someone.

Postbox - Remember the red shiny box that stood in street corners where you would drop your letters which you intend to send to some friend or distant relative. Rightly called as snail mail it has been replaced by faster means of communication like mobile phones , chat apps and emails. Written communication no more runs into pages but hardly 140 characters long.

Stamps - Something related to the above. The only stamp I've recently used would be a revenue stamp.

Televisions antenna on which the telecast will get disturbed if a tired crow planned to rest on it for a while.

Desktop Personal Computer It wont be long before the Desktop Personal Computer or PC as we all call it would be a history and only seen in museum. We already know that PC sales have started declining the last few years as people tend to by smartphones/tablets which more powerful than these PCs.

Does anyone still use a fountain pen , I am sure in some some years from now people will even forget the pen. I know some schools who ask students to do online homework and get printout out of assignments.

Monday, May 20, 2013

vtrravikumar's photostream

Amritsar006.jpgRickshaw PullersI am AnnaVisually challenged Beggar and Wife_MG_5437.jpg_MG_5558.jpg
Like the new look of Flickr and guess what you get 1Tb of storage now... The photostream comes to life with the new look and feels great.

Before Google+ or 500px came flickr was the site where photographers could share their shots with everyone but in between it had lost its charm and was ignored, now with the revamped design and additional storage space I am sure it is going to wipe the dust off and kickstart again. This move by yahoo sure to kindle the interest again with the photographer community.

One more addition to the already exciting change is the android app for flickr now made available in google play. ( )

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top 10 Cloud Vendors

I came across this blog post by Peter Laird (Blog link) which I found to be an interesting way to rank the cloud vendors but since this list had been prepared almost 2 years before, I decided to give it a shot now to see how the ranking had changed over time.

Based on the methodology used by Peter I did the following :

  • Cleared all browser cookies
  • Ensured I was logged out of Google (to avoid personalized results)
  • Navigated to the search page
  • Typed “cloud computing” in the search box

However unlike Peter I did not browse through all the pages but restricted my ranking until I found 10 vendors. The result is as follows.

From the search results scrubbed off all non vendors and then collected the first occurrence of each of the following vendors.





1 1 Salesforce
  2 IBM
  3 Amazon EC2
2 4 Dell
  5 Microsoft
  6 VmWare
3 7 F5
  8 CloudVertex
  9 Novell
5 10 EMC

Congrats to Salesforce for being on the top of the list…

Saturday, November 20, 2010

IITF Trade Fair , 2010

The trade fair in Pragati Maidan for the year 2010 started on November 14th but was not open to public until 19th November. The experience I had the previous year has taught me not to go to IITF in a weekend and was planning to take a off some time in the weekday to visit the trade fair which I did not want to miss in any cost.

While I was still wondering when to take the leave I got to know that Interviewers were required in office this Sunday for some walk-ins my company had planned. I luckily made a deal with my senior colleague and convinced him that I will volunteer to be in office the following Sunday if I was allowed to take off the Friday. With my plans to visit Pragati maidan on a weekday coming in shape I was more than happy chalking the travel plans for the next day. Since I assumed it would be difficult to find parking nearby the Pragati Maidan I decided to use the Delhi Metro from Mayur Vihar. Although the initial plan was to wake up early and leave for the trade fair early morning, we were able to leave home only around 11 AM, but luckily got an auto till the nearest metro station, where I also bought the entry ticket for the Trade fair and in no time we were at the Pragati Maidan gate near the Metro Station.

Even though it was Friday morning there was a good crowd lined up in the entry for security checking. There were lines separate for Ladies and Gentlemen and one dedicated line for those who did not carry and bags with them. Since this was a very small line and there was no point that me and my wife carrying a bag each wait in line, I asked my wife to hand over her hand-purse to me and quickly use the third line but at last moment it was known that the no bags line was only for Men. Even thought dissapointed I handed over the bag and hand-purse now to my wife and I quickly completed my security check and started waiting for my wife for whom it almost took half an hour in the long line and limited security equipments.

As soon as we entered we were able to get into stall number 8,9,10,11 which housed the cosmetics, CSIR technology hall (Psst do not miss the DNA identification stall here). Hall number 12 is home appliances good to see stalls from Toshiba, BSA (some nice tread mills & Cycles), Singer sewing machine, Prestige etc., A lot of these brands were offering great discounts to woo customers. Even though I was enjoying all these my wife was in the lookout for the Khadi stall where she would get some nice sarees. We soon exited the Stall 12 and reached the Khadi stall which is near the Maharashtra hall.

The Khadi Gramudyog stall is the place where you could find the handicraft or hand-woven cloths from all over India. Do lookout for the nice bamboo and cane furniture's here. While my wife was still on the lookout for the sarees I spotted a interesting object. A small motorcycle totally made out of bamboo parts. Even the wheel of the bike is a bamboo diagonally cut piece. There is no plastic/metal part in the mobike but all bamboo. This was from the Nagaland Stall and It was so catchy that it will surely interest anyone. This guys had very less stock and have no plans to get more from Nagaland. The motorcycle was priced at Rs.1500 which at the first may seem slightly more but in a second thought the delicate work surely is worth of it. There was also a Glider/Airplane that was also made using only bamboo. This was a bit lesser in price (Rs.300) owing to the less amount of effort involved in this. I was able to bargain and strike a deal of Rs.1500 for both the bike and the airplane which I felt was a fair deal. My wife still around the saree stall was able to spot a beautiful Kantha work saree which she bought for Rs.4500 and a suit material with Kashmiri work over that.

Check the link for the picture of the bike

Finally tired walking till now we took a snacks break and again resumed visiting the remaining stalls. The Hall no 6 which is having the international stalls from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Korea, Indonesia. (Do checkout the marble works from Pakistan and stone pendants and ornaments from Afghanistan)

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