A Year to forget

Year 2020 came in silently into our life like a serial killer, no one would ever suspected what it had to offer. If you survive this medically, mentally or monetarily you should be happy. 2020 has hit everyone like a tsunami, and only a few will make it alive to remember this.  

It has been only 6 months of 2020 yet the causality are very high. Like any other year it started with a New year well celebrated across the world, however the happiness was destined to last only a few days when the first few cases of corona were recorded in the Far East. It did not take long for this to spread across. Even those who thought this would be yet another flu that will be eventually cured and will not affect them had to change their mind when it gradually spread in Italy, Europe and the US. All the initial theories that it will slow down when the temperature soars also fell flat when the fatalities and people affected kept growing in numbers.  

To a generation who are used to the mad rush and running around like headless chicken this year has taught them that certain wars have to be won only by sitting at your home and doing nothing. This year has taught that you can do your household chores yourself without requiring a domestic help, that its more important to value small things in life who knows those could become dearer. Even a stroll to the neighboring park, a shake hand with known, a hug with your friend, a visit to the mall could be snatched from you. All those crazy hours you spent in your office were never needed neither where those business travels.                  

With still 6 months to go and no known cure it seems like 2020 will be one of the worst years of anyone alive. Those who survive will never forget the scar it has given. With many loosing their near and dear ones and who lost their jobs only hoping to limp back to normalcy it is more of a nightmare that one wished to forget and never remember. 


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