Top 10 Cloud Vendors

I came across this blog post by Peter Laird (Blog link) which I found to be an interesting way to rank the cloud vendors but since this list had been prepared almost 2 years before, I decided to give it a shot now to see how the ranking had changed over time.

Based on the methodology used by Peter I did the following :

  • Cleared all browser cookies
  • Ensured I was logged out of Google (to avoid personalized results)
  • Navigated to the search page
  • Typed “cloud computing” in the search box

However unlike Peter I did not browse through all the pages but restricted my ranking until I found 10 vendors. The result is as follows.

From the search results scrubbed off all non vendors and then collected the first occurrence of each of the following vendors.





1 1 Salesforce
  2 IBM
  3 Amazon EC2
2 4 Dell
  5 Microsoft
  6 VmWare
3 7 F5
  8 CloudVertex
  9 Novell
5 10 EMC

Congrats to Salesforce for being on the top of the list…


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