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Nothing Succeeds like Success

“ Nothing Succeeds like a Success ” is the favorite quote of my Wife and I am glad it suits the following incident. I have always been an average child. My marks in my school were barely enough to fetch me a decent rank somewhere ranging between 15 – 25 in a class of 45. I was not a popular student but neither a trouble maker, I was the average timid guy .  I’ve often wondered how poor my luck was.  I did not have skills like singing or dancing but I did fairly well in sketching. However in  my school days I rarely won any competition. I could still remember the day I joined my engineering college which was a newly opened college and we were first batch.  The college being a new one did not have a logo/emblem of its own and it was announced that the college would give opportunity to its new students to showcase their talent and allow them to design the college logo/emblem.  Although I knew how good my stars were I thought I should give it a shot. In the evening when I returned bac


I still remember the day I first donated blood.  I have been having this fear of seeing blood (Haemophobia) since birth but I first identified this condition of mine while I had to do a blood test in school. This is the time when they prick you with a needle, collect a drop of blood and smear it in a glass plate.  Everything went normal so far… even the pricking but when the nurse starts to squeeze the finger and a drop of blood emerges that's when I felt some what like missing a heart beat and with minutes I found myself flat on ground… (Obviously I had fainted). Being aware of this particular weakness in me I usually avoid watching blood but there are times when I try to be bold and take the first step to try and see if this still happens and mostly the result is same as the first time. Once while I was in college there was some requirement of blood and there was a peon who enquired in every class if someone was willing to donate.  Since it had been a while when I had fainted I

Monsoon Trip to Manali

After having created a great deal of hype in the office and at home of going to Leh even after the disaster had struck I finally had to call it off in the last moment much to the relief of many but to a great personal disappointment. Our trip to Leh was planned well in advance and the preparation was also in full swing. Even though we knew that Leh was battered after the cloud burst in first week of August, 2010 we were expecting to get some positive news before our planned departure day(3rd Sept). But there was no positive signs till the last moment and finally we had to call off the trip. However as the leaves were already applied and cancelling them off was not a good idea we started scouting for probable places (Shimla, Jaisalmer, Manali…)where we may now visit we finally chose Manali. Day 1 (5th September 2010): I love driving very early morning when there is no one  in the road and its easy to cross cities so we started our move around 2 AM in the morning but just as we reac

100 Things in my Life

100 is just figuratively speaking but the following are the things which I have already done or wish to do someday. Things I have already done : Started my own blog Had chicken pox Visited Amarnath Had a Camel ride Walked in Times Square Seen Snow fall Seen a frozen Lake Donated Blood Got Drunk and passed out Seen a Glacier Fell from bike Held a praying mantis Taken a sick day when not ill Watched Sun rise and sun set in sea the same day Watched from the top of Empire State building Bus ride in Manhattan Swim in Sea Done a public speech Posted an article in local newspaper Built a sand castle Won a prize Fall off a running Bus White water Rafting Jumped off a cliff into a river Spent a whole day in an airport Collected hail Spent a night in Tent Bathed in a frozen River Felt an Earthquake Bribed someone Got pick pocketed Travelled without ticket in a bus and got caught Forged Signed fathers signature in school repor