I still remember the day I first donated blood.  I have been having this fear of seeing blood (Haemophobia) since birth but I first identified this condition of mine while I had to do a blood test in school. This is the time when they prick you with a needle, collect a drop of blood and smear it in a glass plate.  Everything went normal so far… even the pricking but when the nurse starts to squeeze the finger and a drop of blood emerges that's when I felt some what like missing a heart beat and with minutes I found myself flat on ground… (Obviously I had fainted).

Being aware of this particular weakness in me I usually avoid watching blood but there are times when I try to be bold and take the first step to try and see if this still happens and mostly the result is same as the first time. Once while I was in college there was some requirement of blood and there was a peon who enquired in every class if someone was willing to donate.  Since it had been a while when I had fainted I thought I would give it a try.  I volunteered and we were all to reach a nearby hospital where it was actually required. After the initial formalities the hospital staff over there enquired who would like to have it done first.. Being the scared one I thought it would be better if its quick and I go first so that I need not see others and get scared more embarrassing all others and my self. I was asked to lay down in one of those beds and in a while the nurse was nearby with a cotton and needle in hand wiping the upper part of my forearm just in the elbow joint. Even before I realized she had already pierced the needle and the job was started. I thought it would be better if I avoid seeing the sachet where the blood was filled up. To my amazement in few minutes the pouch was full and needle removed from my hand and after wiping it off with cotton a band-aid was applied over the spot. I felt greatly relieved as there was no drama involved in this encounter. One by one all those who volunteered had donated blood and we were provided some coupons so that we can have some fresh fruit juice from canteen. We drank the juice and as it was already time in the evening when all our classes were over we decided to return back home. I boarded the public transport bus which was already full with no vacant seats. Just as I continued the journey towards home I thought what if my parents see the band-aid and enquire about it … It would really be awkward that I had to explain all those things. I decided I should peel off the band-aid and removed it in a jerk. This is when I spotted the needle mark and silently a small drop of blood peeked through it.

Bham !!! The next thing I remember was I was seated in the bus with few of the passengers fanning me and wiping the sweat off my forehead.


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