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Talking to an Alien

What if Stephen hawking was right in saying aliens were out there and contact with them could be dangerous. Stephen Hawking may think it's too risky to try to talk to space aliens.  Oops. Too late. NASA and others have already beamed several messages into deep space, trying to phone ET. NASA  which two years ago, broadcast the Beatles song "Across the Universe" across the galaxy.  But the point here is we may not ignore the warning of such eminent scientist. So its good that these guys out there are some light years away and if they too are as pea brained as humans it might take some light year form them to come with a craft that would let them ferry here faster. Just reminds me of the flick MIB (Men in Black) where Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones go about talking to aliens in disguise as normal people to gather details of a rouge (alien). The movie showcases how aliens are well mingled with our earthlings and are already out there with us. Is it possible that they a

Anhoni ko karde Honi

Yeah that’s what Dhoni can do….. ? The Chennai Super Kings from not even being in the semi finals started with their win against Kings XI Punjab, A match which one can never forget for some time now where Dhoni plucked it out from no where with his superb shots to win this match and get a place in the Semi-finals and again doing a Magical win against Deccan Chargers in the Semi finals. In the final what a marvelous game to win the Lion in its den… yeah thats what we can term this feat of defeating Mumbai Indians in Mumbai to win the Title this year for IPL 2010. The match has been nail biting since Chennai started to play … initially the way they started it seemed as though it would get only somewhere around 120 but the CSK put up  a great fight to reach the 169 a score that could be defendable.. Mumbai Indians started well with Tendulkar trying to be in till the last and when Pollard came in it looked as if it would be MI who will lift the trophy but Dhoni once again proves his wo

Outsourcing Hell

We all know how the economy had been last year but I really doubt this would stop God from outsourcing "HELL” to “Earth”. The summer temperature here had been consistently rising and I can see where this is all going. Not far from now there would be time when People would stop going out in the sun in summer for the fear of blisters that they may get. Reality prices would drop as there would be lot of land available as the Sea and poles would have dried out. Astronauts  from Mars would visit Earth and their scientists would debate of possibility that life form would have been in this planet. And yes god would have outsourced Hell to Earth

Balls to Watch

Wondering how Chennai pulled off in the last over... I was so worried that I switched off the TV . But since my better half(A Deccan Charger supporter) who wanted to see Chennai Super Kings loose so that DC were in comfortably was insistent that she would watch the final moments , with only 6 Balls to watch I decided to take a stroll out with a lump in my neck(Sorrow) which I was unable to swallow. Within minutes I could see her come out too… With the news that Chennai managed to get the 16 runs in last over. With no belief in whatever she was saying I still was very unhappy on the plight of the team that I had been supporting till now, Thinking that it was a prank she was playing on me. But slowly realizing that this might be a truth as well. Now really feeling that should have watched it… It may require one Ball to play the match but I really feel that even a pair is less to watch such matches… Waiting for the DC vs Delhi Dare Devils match to complete to watch the highligh

Slip of Tongue

More than the happiness of how Chennai (Super Kings) won Kolkata (Knight Riders) I was shocked on what Dhoni had to say about the Chennai crowd on how supportive and welcoming they were. Mahendra Singh Dhoni said “The crowd has been warm and welcoming while he used to ride his bike out in the night and stopped at Red light Area (While what he actually wanted to say was while he stopped at the Red light in Traffic signals) LOL. Sab Kuch Muaf !!! to Dhoni for his superb win over KKR and bringing back CSK in the final four, with more chances of Chennai being in the semis now. Technorati Tags: CSK , KKR , Chennai Super Kings , Kolkata Knight Riders , Red Light Area , Mahendra Singh Dhoni , Dhone , MSD

Lens Eye

I do believe that a Still Photo speaks more words than an video. A frozen moment of life that shows those happy times, places visited, which urge you to rethink that time. A couple of years before when SLR were not affordable and photography still was in its original form where you develop you negative and print pictures choosing photography as a hobby would have been a costly affair but with the advent of digital cameras and D-SLR photography takes new twist. With Digital cameras and D-SLR although the initial cost involved may be a little high but have no recurring costs of either films to be bought or photographs to be printed to actually see them. How painful it used to be thinking have shot some good photographs but only to discover later (while printing) that a lot of them were spoilt due to over exposure, bad light, or some one blinked during the great moment,or problem with the film reel.. Now a days you are at the liberty to shoot a picture and see it instantaneously if