Addicted to Apple

Am I being the Adam who ate the forbidden apple when I say I am addicted to Apple. 

Being a staunch android user I have always believed apple was overhyped and kept on my love for android devices until I accidentally dropped my precious Huawei phone cracking its screen. Left with no choice had to borrow my wife’s iPhone 7+ which I though was a few days affair. However blame my laziness which prevented me from having my Huawei repaired and eventually led to me using the iPhone and gradually upgraded ito to a iPhone X and then a XS, in between these transitions I had to subconsciously move on to a Apple Watch and a MacBook Pro. 

Things still seemed as if it was under control but not addicted and may not require any de-addiction or medication. However things got changed when I bought the iPad Pro 2020 recently for which I had to buy a magic keyboard and a Apple Pencil 2. 

This is when I slowly realized how I was falling into the rabbit hole even without knowing it.

So am I addicted to the Apple, Probably...


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