When Ego is a Good thing

I am sure every one have heard about "ego" and it is the one three lettered dreaded word which no one wants to be associated with. "EGO" me...? Nah... But only a few might have actually heard about "ego search" and its not a path of self enlightenment where you search for your inner ego. It is not as bad as it might sound.

Wikipedia actually  defines ego search as "Ego-surfing is the practice of searching for one's own name, or pseudonym on a popular search engine in order to review the results."  or put in simple words "Googling yourself"

In fact its a good thing to search your name/nickname in Google and to analyze the first page results. Its indeed a proud moment to have google return pages related to you unless it is "content not suitable for all viewers". It is a great source of information about you. My search results usually is my personal homepage or a link to my LinkedIn profile or some post that shared in some social site. But occasionally it does surprise me with links which were long forgotten. In one of my recent ego search I came across the links to 2 books for which I had sold my photographs to be cover image. It was a pleasant surprise as I had forgotten how passionate I had been about my photography and that recently I find little time to go out and take photographs as I used to do earlier. Its also one way to keep check of incorrect online information about you.

So don't be shy and key in your name in google search and see what it returns. Who knows you might discover something that you didn't know about.


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