Fear of Flight

Air travel was not everyone’s cup of tea in India until these low cost air travel came into picture.

A helicopter crash and a dead minister have been happening much often but we never can recall a passenger plane disaster that took such toll.

Ever listened carefully to what the flight attendant said just before the take off… Never… Might have only tried to analyze how beautiful she is.

We all have been ignoring the fact that how dangerous a air travel could be owing to the fact that there have been no major air crashes (thankfully) till the recent Mangalore crash which has left us all in a deep shock and exposing the danger involved which we all have been willfully ignoring till now.

A Few points to take note of if you are a frequent flier and cannot avoid it:

  1. Try to sit within five rows of an exit and in aisle seats. (No window seats please).
  2. Pay attention to the safety briefing.
  3. Knowing what to do in a crash can save you and others.
  4. Be prepared to act within three minutes of takeoff and 8 minutes before landing. Thats when 80 percent of accidents happen.
  5. Relax,  your chance of being killed in flight are one in 60 million.

"The weird thing is that I hate to fly, and the quote that I give people is that every time I get off a plane, I view it as a failed suicide attempt.” - Sonnenfeld

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