Maid in India

….. Wait !!! even before you start letting your imagination running wild.. This is nothing like the recent Shiney like story..

I am just to talk about how important your humble maid is to your house.. Being out of my house since my College days and added to the fact that I never used my hostel services but had to survive in a private accommodation with couple other friends I always knew how important that person was who cooks you your food and makes it available when you are dying of hunger.

Our first maid was an young lady from the same village where we had our rented accommodation near our engineering college. Being a girl in her late teens little did she know of cooking but since in the “gang of four” that we were none of us had any complains about the food she cooked we still continued with her. The boys were always around her helping her out cut the vegetables, wash the utensils or just talking with her sweet nothing while she cooked what ever. This did not last long as the Village elders did not approve and one fine day we had a group of villagers come knocking our doors and threatening of dire consequences if we continued with the same maid. With tears in eyes all of us relieved her and hired an old lady of whom i have nothing sweet to say of ..

The one rule I always had was never to whine about what I eat. I usually liked to have my meal peacefully. I had no favorites and mostly ate whatever was edible.

In my first job I had the luxury of enjoying the company provided hostel for the initial year but we all had to vacate our hostel room after the first year and move on to the 2 BR quarters provided to us.. Since not all my fellow colleagues were married they all had grouped themselves in 4/5 and had a maid come to their home to cook.. They all used to assemble in one of the quarter and have their lunch/dinner. Since i was not much social as all of them I preferred to have a maid for myself (Even if it was a bit costly as no one shared the money involved). The one who i got was not known for how clean she kept the kitchen but both had no issues as she never complained anything neither did I. I would eat what ever she could cook out of the available stuff in my kitchen. This lasted for a few years until I finally moved to Delhi and got married.

Soon realizing that my wife was not one of those kind who would toil in the kitchen to keep the husband happy with their superb cooking ability and since I feared that due the way we were (laid back) it would be me who would end up being hungry.  We promptly engaged a maid to cook for us. This maid we had was not a good cook but my wife was happy that she keep things clean and would not involve in much of the unnecessary talking so we continued to eat what ever something she would cook.  This continued for 2 years but the shocking news came in a week before when the maid told us that she has to go for a 1 month vacation to her home town. We continued discussing whether we should have someone else or try to cover up this period with some self help … The Maid left yesterday and we came to see what it could do to us today.. I had cornflakes and milk in the noon and thinking of eating out today .. Still bewildered about the days to come….


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