Aspiring Writer

One of the goals that I would like to achieve in my life is to write a book.  I have not thought of whether it would be a Fiction, something Technical or an autobiography. Leave alone writing I have been not much into reading as well.  But my instincts do say that one day I will surely fulfill this dream of mine. I am not sure about the future of novels or books in coming few years owing to the way in which technology is changing and how internet, communication and mobile is changing every minute.

My first thought in this direction is to start reading books. I came across this important link with  mention of some 75 must read books for aspiring writers which I felt I could share with. Some really nice books mentioned out here a very large list though with the rate at which I read I am not sure I would be able to complete reading them all before I could start writing my self.

A few of the examples listed out there:

  • On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King:
  • The Best Writing on Writing by Jack Heffron:
  • Keys to Great Writing by Stephen Wilbers:


Mrinmoy said…
dear ravi,starting a blog and writing such wonderful posts make me believe that you had already become a writer.keep it up.

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