Entrepreneur by Accident

I accidently came across a few articles(Bread King Professor, An entrepreneur by accident) about some successful entrepreneur via links shared through Twitter. Reading through the articles you tend to remain amazed how these people were successful in their business and were able to set up an empire.

Last year during the slow down a lot of us would have thought of an own venture of opening a small business a few might have tried starting and a very few might now be chuckling in success but if you try to look into the history of these entrepreneur you would note how they did not mind to start it with a very small scale. People at our level who are in their mid 30’s have already reached a spot where returning back and starting up afresh is considered cheap.  Its not those Birla’s , Tata’s and Ambani’s that we have to choose our role models but these Entrepreneur by accident who did not succumb to all odds and wrote their own success stories.

Although the sequences of events when read through the article writers eyes zoom past in fast forward the fact is they have really put in a huge effort and time spanning for almost one to two decades before they could actually reap the fame of success.

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